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Second Ten Days


A few Comments from Readers

Oh, my! What a gripping story! I’m grinning at you guys with your dead-eye shooting! I can’t wait for more. I was telling some people at the doctor’s office about the Ontos, and they asked didn’t we have any more of them to point at North Korea. Had to tell them I think we crushed them all when we left Vietnam.

Awesome story. I do not read much about Vietnam, I usually find the subject matter very disturbing. However; this story has latched onto me like one of the river leeches. Disturbing as it is, I find myself wanting more.
Are any of the readers familiar with 1/11 Bravo? I had an FO buddy there as well as other friends.
If there are 1/11B readers here you may remember the SeaBee who “borrowed” a 30KW Navy generator, delivered it and wired up your hootches for AC power and got you beer coolers and ice machines powered up. I was made a lifetime member of the 1/11 B Officer’s Club. Funny how happy times shine through the more onerous ones.
Maybe after 50 years, there are some of us ready to reminisce?



I marvel at your writing style. It carries the story well, with a light undercurrent of sarcasm. I have read you1st ten days and both Arch Patten novels and am waiting for your 2nd ten days. Please keep it up!

RVN ‘67- ‘68
Happy Tet ( not so much).

James, I’ve always heard that there are two major factors in making good writing. First, there must be a story worth the telling. You have that in spades. The second is having a writer who can communicate with his audience…emotionally, intellectually, and aesthetically. Man, I hope you know how talented your story telling is! As some famous dead person once said, “Most only get wet; a talented few actually feel the rain.” You certainly “feel the rain!”

Thank you for your service and your willingness to share it with us.

I find myself breathing short, shallow breaths while reading this. Wow, I see each of you as the story unfolds. I’ve read many Vietnam books, but yours is by far the best that I’ve read. Looking forward to the next chapter….


LT, instead of going from ‘cliff hanger’ to ‘cliff hanger’, now we go from ‘cliff hanger’ to ‘chute riding hanger’…in your continually spellbinding personal account of daily dancing with death.

You work your literary magic taking your large following of us readers with you every step of the way. With your words we feel it, taste it and sense it all–including the physical and mental exhaustion and ever-present mental turmoil. We readers will necessarily have to hit the pause button and hunker down in the rainy wetness until we are able to be there with you and your real fighting unit when you post the next episode. Of course, you and the men under your command had no such luxury there at the time.
You truly have a gift, and I feel your writing has been beneficial and cathartic, especially to many Vietnam vets. Your men were lucky to have you. Our country owes so much to all of you.
Wishing you and yours (and all who post and read comments here) a wonderful Thanksgiving season…God Bless, Jim. Thank you so much for your service and for your writing…