I read less these days and watch much less television than before the election. I know that I believe even less than I did before about what I see on television, and almost nothing of what I am reading on the Internet. That truth went away so deeply and so quickly I...

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Today is the big day before the big day. Will civility, manners, and outrageous behavior be rewarded or will there be a return to cultural sanity of accepted social behavior on the morrow?

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Scum. How is America ever going back from scum owning the mass media. Absolutely lousy American companies like Disney, that used to be terrific companies, now owned by the most awful of people who don’t give a damn about the country or its people……

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The Supreme Court. Why the House of Representatives, resisting efforts to appoint anyone to fill the vacant U.S. Supreme Court role, has little to do with partisan politics. Say what? Everything is the opposite of what they are saying…..

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THE ELECTION and the Cubs

Election and the Chicago Cubs It is Sunday night, which means that we only have a week and a day of this election cycle to go. Can we hack it? What will be the next scandal or investigation, tape or audio recording? Whom will come forth to be famous or to be the...

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Maureen Dowd was on Sunday Morning this Sunday morning. With her sister and other siblings. Maureen has had a lot of work done. I always wonder, man or woman, what people who have surgery for aging would look like without it. I've seen so much of it in Hollywood, L.A....

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This is a very difficult process the nation is going through. The selection of this particular president is becoming more divisive for the American population than almost any that have come before. Reflect and think about what is going on. There really is no effective...

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I did a short video on a Donald Trump display set up just north of town here in Lake Geneva. I did not say it was a bad thing. They put up a paper mache effigy of Hillary in prison attire however, and some nasty stuff about her under it. I reflected in my voiceover...

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