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James Strauss has published four novels: Thirty Days Has September: The First Ten Days, The Boy, Arch Patton: The Bering Sea, Arch Patton: Down In The Valley, and The Second Ten Days of Thirty Days Has September plus readying two more Arch Patton Adventures, along with publishing in print and digitally a weekly Midwestern Newspaper, The Geneva Shore Report


According to James, “Philosophers of significant merit and reputation have struggled with the meaning of life and the survival constructs we humans radiate outwardly while constantly denying them inwardly.  Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life might be a more accurate way of looking at the human condition simply because of its heavy use of humor and its intrinsic silent message that the meaning of life is simply what we as individuals mean it to be. There is no answer anywhere available, nor is there likely to be, about why we are here on planet earth, where ‘here’ for the planet actually is or, in fact, about what we or the universe are. I was thrust into a “leadership” position in 1969, which I’m detailing in my latest book 30 days Has September, during the Vietnam War. As a fresh 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, I quickly learned survival. While healing from wounds I realized my calling would be to share grounded concepts, through the writing and publishing, to think and discuss what life itself is all about. For a time, I strove for credibility until I realized that my own credibility was ‘without meaning’.” 

Second Ten Days

Thirty Days Has September: Second Ten Days

Signed Paperback

THE TWENTY-FIRST DAY, 30 Days Has September

The sounds of the Bong Song’s nearby rushing waters, the whap whap whap of the descending chopper’s supersonic blade-tips rotating, and the rest of the valley background sounds all faded into non-existence, as four Skyraiders came down the valley from the north, no...

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I holstered Tex’s Colt .45 automatic that I had used half my canteen water to boil clean earlier. I had no oil but I knew there had to be some kept by others in the company I could get later. The Colt would operate just fine with no oil at all but only as long as it...

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The mess of stationery I carried was a collection of soggy, semi-wet and dried water stains holding strands of paper together. The envelopes were in the best shape because I’d rolled them into a tight tube and used one of my extra trouser springs to hold them...

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Arch Patton Down in the Valley

Arch Patton: Down In the Valley


Thirty Days Has September: First Ten Days

The Boy: The Mastodons

Arch Patton: The Bering Sea



Has anyone noticed as we “age” reflections of the past seems to become more vivid? Good Bad or Ugly, they are filling my mind with regularity.Please enjoy and comment on the images fleeting though the mind of James Strauss

Substance of Life

Substance of Life is Living

The following articles are about arrival. The arrival and satisfaction of a blissful state from which one can intelligently reflect and then positively direct one’s life.
The Meaning and Substance of Life is all around us and ever changing, depending upon the perspective of others. I write about the meaning of self, and self-application to our lives.

Politics, the game of Life

Politics with James Strauss

Mark Twain said it Best
“Yes, you are right — I am a moralist in disguise; it gets me into heaps of trouble when I go thrashing around in political questions.”
Letter to Helene Picard,
22 Feb 1902

James Strauss in front of Geneva Shore Report, Lake Geneva WI

Travels with James Strauss

Ever since I was a young man, traveling seemed to be the norm. I have lived in 34 places from South Manitou Island in Michigan to Honolulu Hawaii. Now living in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, my wife and I plan each year to re-visit our favorite haunts in Washington, New Mexico, California, and Hawaii

I Don’t Know…

Dateline: Lake Geneva, WI January 21, 2018 I don't know.  That sentence is so much more important in my life than it was when I was younger. My own inability to know or understand some things is so important to me. I live in a world where such self-analysis and...

What is the Largest Airline Market in the World?

What is the largest airline market in the world? Europe? Asia? Africa? United States? Well, if you guessed the U.S. then you were correct. It is not only the largest airline market it is by far the largest. Asia is supposed to surpass the U.S. sometime in 2024 but...

Reproducing Dumb Bunnies…..

Are we growing a nation of Dumb Bunnies?   Did you know that only seven states require civics or any kind of study of how the U.S. government works of their elementary school students? Did you know that only seven liberal arts universities in the U.S. require any...

Where is God?

It's not easy. It's not a road fraught with simply easy decisions. The search for meaning in my or your very tiny universe of things you or I control is very complex and constantly threaded through like a bad plaid blanket with beautiful and awful strains running...

Hello America……

Hello America..... Can we get something straight? I mean really straight, for those who've read any history whatever or gone to school and taken any history, sociology or anthropology courses? America was never established, created, planned, designed, born, initiated,...

What did I fight for……….Eve of Destruction

I didn't fight for this. I fought against an enemy in Vietnam that I thought was challenging the right of all men and women to be free and express themselves without being forced to do what a small minority wanted them to do. I didn't fight for this. I fought in...

Cats, Gardens and Bombs……..

It's easier to write about cats, the garden and even what's going on at the local coffee shop than what is going on across America. To watch the mass media portray America's reaction to its president threatening nuclear war is quite abashedly astounding. The mass...

The Journey of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. The efforts to bring it into being and the dangers of it, as well as the potential benefits. My question is "will artificial intelligence wander?" We wander, as humans. Much of our work and life force is dedicated to...


Befuddlement...... That single word best describes the New York hot shot deal-making professionals who came out of the Manhattan sticks to go to war with the Washington D.C. elites and Virginia beltway bandits. They designed a grand adventure. The money was raised for...

What about Me?

What about me? This simple question may actually be the most fundamental behavior ruling question of our time. The entire world is headed toward one single clamoring bid to gain some sort, any sort, of attention. The explosion of communication industry tools and...

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