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James Strauss, Writer and Author

james straussJames Strauss has published three novels: The Boy, The Bering Sea and The Warrior and is currently readying two Arch Patton Sagas, Down in the Valley and It Was 1993, along with publishing a weekly Midwestern Newspaper, The Geneva Shore Report

“Philosophers of significant merit and reputation have struggled with the meaning of life and the survival constructs we humans radiate outwardly while constantly denying them inwardly.  Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life might be a more accurate way of looking at the human condition simply because of its heavy use of humor and its intrinsic silent message that the meaning of life is simply what we as individuals mean it to be. There is no answer anywhere available, nor is there likely to be, about why we are here on planet earth, where ‘here’ for the planet actually is or, in fact, about what we or the universe are.

I was thrust into a “leadership” position in 1969, which I’m detailing in my latest book 30 days Has September, during the Vietnam War. As a fresh 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps I quickly learned survival. While healing from wounds I realized my calling would be to share grounded concepts, through the writing and publishing, to think and discuss what life itself is all about.”


THE TENTH DAY, 30 days Has September

The shelf running just down from, and alongside the top of, the mountain’s descending ridge eventually played out. The company once more trudged through the jungle under a barely seen double canopy of heavy brush

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Has anyone noticed as we “age” reflections of the past seems to become more vivid? Good Bad or Ugly, they are filling my mind with regularity.Please enjoy and comment on the images fleeting though the mind of James Strauss
Substance of Life

Substance of Life is Living

The following articles are about arrival. The arrival and satisfaction of a blissful state from which one can intelligently reflect and then positively direct one’s life.
The Meaning and Substance of Life is all around us and ever changing, depending upon the perspective of others. I write about the meaning of self, and self-application to our lives.

Politics, the game of Life

Politics with James Strauss

Mark Twain said it Best
“Yes, you are right — I am a moralist in disguise; it gets me into heaps of trouble when I go thrashing around in political questions.”
Letter to Helene Picard,
22 Feb 1902

James Strauss in front of Geneva Shore Report, Lake Geneva WI

Travels with James Strauss

Ever since I was a young man, traveling seemed to be the norm. I have lived in 34 places from South Manitou Island in Michigan to Honolulu Hawaii. Now living in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, my wife and I plan each year to re-visit our favorite haunts in Washington, New Mexico, California, and Hawaii

Coming in From the Cold

How does one who comes in from the cold (that's what spies used to call coming home from a mission) explain to fellow Americans that they live in a perpetual state of blissful euphoria punctuated by bouts of fake fear? How does one, who's ridden the trails, bitten the...
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THE TENTH DAY SECOND PART, 30 Days Has September

I went to work on my stuff, just outside the exposed rock area where the choppers had come in. The area wasn’t that large, having hardly the footprint of an average small home back in the real world.

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THE TENTH DAY, 30 days Has September

The shelf running just down from, and alongside the top of, the mountain’s descending ridge eventually played out. The company once more trudged through the jungle under a barely seen double canopy of heavy brush

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I waited, my body spread face down and flat on the jungle floor. It would have been a time of rest and relaxation if an attack by unknown numbers of wily, capable and well-armed opponents weren’t also waiting somewhere out in the night.

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THE NINTH NIGHT, 30 Days Has September

I lay prone on the jungle mat of fallen leaves, fronds and smaller branches. I couldn’t tell how deep the mass under me was, although back at the hole we’d blown earlier, the jungle floor mat seemed like it was almost a foot thick. It was better than the mud. We had...
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Getting ready? Getting ready for national leadership that does not believe in the advances of science in computers, the Internet, email, or most anything else? Well, Donald Trump rails against all of those things. Get ready for worrying about nuclear war again. Donald...
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Getting ready? Getting ready for what you now might see coming but maybe not? The ethics thing was a just a beginning. Ryan is in as Speaker, both houses are republican and Trump is about to become president. So you wanted all those people to lose their medical...
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When Donald Trump does something that appears to be good, well, I write about it. I do not think he's a bad or evil man. I simply think he's about as daffy as a cartoon character. What did he do? He went up against his own republicans in making idiots out of the...
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THE NINTH DAY THIRD PART, 30 Days Has September

When the company came to a slowing halt, I was more than ready to rest. The straps of my pack burned where they pressed down over the narrower suspender straps that held up my web belt. We’d made it back close to where the company had veered north and gone to the aid...
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THE NINTH DAY SECOND PART, 30 Days Has September

The West Pointer Captain Mertz’s plan to stay waiting for resupply, and take credit for the kills and any wounded NVA left behind, made logical sense. I knew that neither I, nor any of the Marines in the company, gave a tinker’s damn about who got credited for anything.

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