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James Strauss, Writer and Author

Philosophers of significant merit and reputation have struggled with the meaning of life and the survival constructs we humans radiate outwardly while constantly denying them inwardly.  Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life might be a more accurate way of looking at the human condition simply because of its heavy use of humor and its intrinsic silent message that the meaning of life is simply what we as individuals mean it to be. There is no answer anywhere available, nor is there likely to be, about why we are here on planet earth, where ‘here’ for the planet actually is or, in fact, about what we or the universe are.

I was thrust into a “leadership” postion for 30 days, September, 1969 during the Vietnam War. As a fresh 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps I quickly learned survival. While healing from wounds I realized my calling would be to share grounded concepts, through the writing and publishing, to think and discuss what life itself is all about.

James has published three novels: The Boy, The Bering Sea and The Warrior and is currently readying two Arch Patton Sagas, Down in the Valley and It Was 1993, along with publishing a weekly Midwestern Newspaper, The Geneva Shore Report

THE SEVENTH NIGHT, 30 Days Has September

“Crimson and clover, over and over” The song played over Fusner’s tactically stupid, but achingly home-calling radio. The lyrics just repeated. There was no real meaning, like the days and nights of my life in Vietnam.

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Has anyone noticed as we “age” reflections of the past seems to become more vivid? Good Bad or Ugly, they are filling my mind with regularity.Please enjoy and comment on the images fleeting though the mind of James Strauss
Substance of Life

Substance of Life is Living

The following articles are about arrival. The arrival and satisfaction of a blissful state from which one can intelligently reflect and then positively direct one’s life.
The Meaning and Substance of Life is all around us and ever changing, depending upon the perspective of others. I write about the meaning of self, and self-application to our lives.

Politics, the game of Life

Politics with James Strauss

Mark Twain said it Best
“Yes, you are right — I am a moralist in disguise; it gets me into heaps of trouble when I go thrashing around in political questions.”
Letter to Helene Picard,
22 Feb 1902

James Strauss in front of Geneva Shore Report, Lake Geneva WI

Travels with James Strauss

Ever since I was a young man, traveling seemed to be the norm. I have lived in 34 places from South Manitou Island in Michigan to Honolulu Hawaii. Now living in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, my wife and I plan each year to re-visit our favorite haunts in Washington, New Mexico, California, and Hawaii


I helped a guy in Hawaii once. I was helping him run his little bitty but very upscale auto repair shop. He worked on cars I loved, like Ferrari and Porsche. I worked for free and I didn't even have a car. This guy was a seemingly great expressive and entertaining guy...
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Why did we, as a country, choose to 'toy with the system in here in America? What did we do when we made that decision? What will be the result of sweeping changes that are now going to reverberate back and forth across the country and then the world?
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It is always interesting when people reveal their true underlying belief system on social media. There is a coldness that lays there dormant in so many human beings. Is it better that they normally disguise it or is it better if it is revealed to everyone around?...
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You simply must go back and read and study some history if you want to understand the damage potentially coming to the world when Trump takes office. The wording of his comments and those of his awful appointed officials is the same as in Germany in the early 30s....
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I stayed in my clustered hooch into the dark hours, whiling away the time it would take for the NVA to begin their own H&I fires, and also to see if, even given the fear of snakes everyone seemed to have, Jurgens would send out a team to finally fix the lone...
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THE SEVENTH NIGHT, 30 Days Has September

"Crimson and clover, over and over" The song played over Fusner’s tactically stupid, but achingly home-calling radio. The lyrics just repeated. There was no real meaning, like the days and nights of my life in Vietnam.
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Lead Pipes and Rome Burning

Lead Pipes and Rome Burning An outcry against injustice is an opinion! And all cries against injustice are interpreted as just that. If your own cries fall upon seemingly deaf ears it is because of this deep-seated belief. Since every human on the planet is in the...
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THE SEVENTH DAY 4th PART, 30 Days Has September

I had no idea how the attack into the tree line on the other side of the Agent Orange clearing would go down. Once more, as with each day’s move since I’d been in country, things just seemed to happen without a lot of..
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Veterans at Standing Rock! The Standing Rock Sioux of North Dakota and  many US Veterans are taking a stand in a nation not known for taking much of a stand lately, about the environmental situation, clean energy, or life inside our national borders themselves. Two...
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There was nothing to be done until crossing the open area in front of us was imminent, except get hold of some of the rations and water. My letter home was in my pocket, forgotten for the first time, my full attention and following thought process had been unable to...
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