Island In The Sand , Volume Two

Island In the Sand is a new novel series by James Strauss.

Following is Book Two


Star Black, Jameson, Ninety-One and the band of young nomads continue to seek the truth about artificial Intelligence, aliens and the Distants

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Book Two, not yet completed is currently all FREE to read


Island In The Sand, Book 2 Part II

ISLAND IN THE SAND Book 2 Part II Star stepped forward and stared down into the canyon bottom far below. The distance was such that it would never occur to any human to wonder about what a fall into it might cause in the way of bodily damage. A fall would be a one-way...

Island In The Sand, Book 2, Part X

ISLAND IN THE SAND ~ BOOK 2 PART X Star stood in the cave, staring at the machined walls of metal. She knew instantly where she was, although the shock of being in a conversation back at the dwelling while looking out over the valley below, and then instantly standing...