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By James Strauss

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will be releasing articles of a sensitive nature and will often include
Controversial topics not often found everywhere

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Joining those following this ‘newsreel’ will entitle you to begin to consider and judge things you may have never considered or judged before.  These special confidentially attained pieces of ‘facts may also call into question some beliefs you have come to hold true up to this point.

The Wilderness is not calling out to you from a bastion of created fictional accounts or evidence.

It’s being assembled and written by a few individuals who’ve gotten together and decided that even a limited ‘voice’ is better than none at all. This site is not being created so that you will come away knowing things you didn’t know before.  It’s being created so that you will think, look into, investigate and consider things you have never thought of exploring before.

This site is dedicated to a man named Michael Ruppert, a man who created the original ‘From the Wilderness’ years ago and was driven to suicide because of what he presented in his own version of what we are doing here.  Truth and facts, the presentation of them, is both painful and dangerous.  The world has been built upon hard facts and much truth, but it has been controlled and run mostly by prevarication, corruption, and deceit. Welcome to a different site, written and driven by men and women who have gotten old enough and life-experienced enough to really care.


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