Hello America……

Hello America..... Can we get something straight? I mean really straight, for those who've read any history whatever or gone to school and taken any history, sociology or anthropology courses? America was never established, created, planned, designed, born, initiated,...

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Pouting. The president is pouting. Over how many people did or did not attend his inauguration. He's stated unequivocally now that he is not going to release his taxes as he'd promised. That was this morning, between pouts. This nation is about to be rocked back and...

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Finally, in the Chicago Tribune editorial section, an editorial was featured that has most of us former agents and White House workers cringing. The public does not understand. It isn’t Donald Trump’s tweeting

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Getting ready? Getting ready for national leadership that does not believe in the advances of science in computers, the Internet, email, or most anything else? Well, Donald Trump rails against all of those things. Get ready for worrying about nuclear war again. Donald...

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Getting ready? Getting ready for what you now might see coming but maybe not? The ethics thing was a just a beginning. Ryan is in as Speaker, both houses are republican and Trump is about to become president. So you wanted all those people to lose their medical...

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When Donald Trump does something that appears to be good, well, I write about it. I do not think he's a bad or evil man. I simply think he's about as daffy as a cartoon character. What did he do? He went up against his own republicans in making idiots out of the...

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The biggest question of all for the people who voted for Donald Trump, and the very biggest chunk of evaluative data that you can use to figure out who you should have as friends and who you should not. The biggest question is "how could anyone, man or woman, support...

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Are we in the center of a Fish Ball? Ho-hum. We wait. Maybe it is just that America got bored. So everyone is waiting until the inauguration so that interest and entertainment can begin. Remember, we are not the far from the public rushing to big parks and meeting...

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You simply must go back and read and study some history if you want to understand the damage potentially coming to the world when Trump takes office. The wording of his comments and those of his awful appointed officials is the same as in Germany in the early 30s....

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