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Thirty Days Has September, Third Ten Days

Welcome to “30 Days Has September, The Third 10 Days” by James Strauss.

If you are looking to start at the beginning of this Vietnam war story, head to “30 Days Has September” and catch up. (Warning: once you start reading this account of James’ time in Vietnam as a Marine Lieutenant, you will likely have a hard time stopping!) If you’re coming from the First and Second Ten Days, you can continue reading below.

This is a sampling of the kind of feedback being generated for this riveting Vietnam story:

Just want to let you know, I bought the first 30 days book and read it in two days. I was able to read the 2nd ten days online and I will be purchasing it when it is out in print edition. Looking forward to the last 10 days as well and will do the same when that book is published. Thank you and all the rest that served. CHUCK G



I’m caught up in your story. A real eye-opener. I’m a counselor, and my interviews with Marine vets lend credence to your story. I’m ready to go to the next ten days. When I find the book, I’m ordering it. BILL W.

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THE THIRTIETH DAY, 30 Days Has September

THE THIRTIETH DAY, 30 Days Has September

I had the leg strength. I’d always had the legs. The records that had fallen to me in the obstacle course, running, and other military skills during officer candidate school and the Basic School had all been functions of lower body strength and agility. The glacis was...