Island In The Sand, Book One, Read On-Line

Island In the Sand is a new novel by James Strauss.


Star Black and her band of Orphans wander in a future world looking for a Safe-Haven

“Star Black Grew up in an orphanage which had been an exercise in brutal tolerance and crowded loneliness. The sand and the land were her real friends. She took to them as a tree leaf took to the sun. She felt the energy they radiated upward through her strong willowy legs propelling her smoothly around, or over, every obstacle in her path. The band of outcast children was headed West toward a place none of them had any good reason to believe existed. The State of Home. The more Star had learned, the more she had become skeptical of the place’s existence.”

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Island in the Sand, Part I

Star floated over the top of the packed needle beds, her bobbed ponytail bouncing just beneath the lowest of the dense green branches. Her lope was long practiced, and her gait one of such easy flow she had to continually slow for the other children following in a trance. Running was like breathing to her.

Island in the Sand, Part II

There was no place on earth. The remnants of humanity so decreed, each tribe following in suit, as the proposition in favor of admitting outsider children, no matter their age, fell into unanimous opposition. No orphan, wandering, or strange children of any sort would be allowed entry to any tribe.

Island In The Sand, Part IV

ISLAND IN THE SAND Part IV The tunnel was like nothing Star had ever experienced before, not even close. None of the children had been exposed to anything like it either. When they stood before the black hole of the opening at the railhead, Jameson tripped a switch...

Island In The Sand, Part VI

ISLAND IN THE SAND Part VI   Star continued to move ever downward, feeling more secure with each order of “one step” she called down to the kids roped together below her. The rungs were made of smooth hard metal, but after so many hard grasps of their surface and...

The Island In The Sand, Part XI

ISLAND IN THE SAND Part XI   Star pulled the remains of the arrow shaft from Val’s wound gently, but steadily. There was little blood, which surprised her. The boy grimaced with pain but only after she used the alcohol and Kleenex to swab the area clean of...

Island In The Sand, Part XIII

 Island In The Sand Part XIII  Star flipped in mid-air, brought her body around in a twist to land face down, her hands and knees ready to take the impact on the hard flooring. Her mind raced, but like a fast blinking strobe seemed to give her only brief shots of what...