Chickenman was a radio show played over Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War

I mention it in the episode of Thirty Days Has September, Second Night Second Part

Dick Orkin Creator of Chickenman

Dick Orkin, creator of Chickenman

Chickenman is an American radio series, created by Dick Orkin, that spoofs comic book heroes, inspired by the mid-60s Batman TV series. The series was created in 1966 on Chicago radio station WCFL, and was then syndicated widely, notably on Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War.

When posted on Facebook it generated memories for many readers, so I dug into some archives I accumulated over the years.

What did Chickenman mean to soldiers in Vietnam?

To get an idea, check out this comment from a Vietnam war soldier “Jack” on one of the episodes posted above:

One night on hill 37, I was on perimeter bunker duty and we had some small radios that were only good for talking from bunker to bunker since they only reached a couple hundred yards at best. They were two part radios that clipped onto your helmet. I do not remember what they were called… PRC-99 maybe… anyhow I had just got on duty and everyone was talking on those radios imitating Chicken Man. There was continuous chatter using their best Chicken Man voices and lots of Baak Baak Baak! I heard someone behind me and turned and was surprised to see the Battalion Commander walking up. I saluted and reported my post. He started talking asking general questions.. where I was from and such… Anyhow the whole time that little radio was going loud with the Chicken Man imitations… Finally the LtCol picked up the transmitter part of the radio and said “This is the battalion 6 actual, knock off all this unauthorized chatter!” The radio went silent for about 10 seconds and then a Chicken Man voice came on and said “Roger Commissioner, over and out!” I had to bite my lip to hold back laughing… The LtCol just smiled and said carry on and walked away into the night. About 5 minutes later I think every SNCO and Officer on the hill was out checking posts and wanting to know who said that… Of course I had the best alibi there was!

From “Feathered Fighter Returns

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