Arch Patton Special

The Bering Sea and Down in the Valley

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Two of CIA Agent Arch Patton’s exciting assignments

Arch Patton – Down In The Valley
“He’d retired ten years ago before coming to be lying alone in the mud.  Retired from being a field operations specialist.  A real spy.  A spy who had to get in and get out with almost no help, and accomplish missions that were too bizarre to be written into movie or television scripts.  Spying wasn’t a believable occupation.  Not in the culture of modern America.  So he portrayed himself as a retired professor, which he resembled much more than the public’s idea of a spy.

Arch Patton – The Bering Sea
“That ‘best man’ (Arch Patton) had just come out of West Africa under the bloodiest of circumstances, somehow having improbably accomplished his mission. The skewed manner in which his mission had been conducted would no doubt have the Agency looking like a stone-cold, heartless bureaucracy… He’d sent a low-life field agent off to save the drug-dealing nephew of a corrupt scumbag of a senator. This time the mission had not even the remotest possibility of success. 

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