Arch Patton, Thunder Marine

Arch Patton
Thunder Marine

The Coast of Florida, the DEA, fast boats and fast women
keeps the “aging” CIA operative busy again.

Arch Patton, Thunder Marine, Chapter Three

“So, what’s the point of this exercise, since it would appear we are not under attack by the hordes from hell?” David asked, as the Mercedes G-Wagon headed pell-mell along the surface of the winding asphalt road. He was cradling the lethal machine pistol…….

Arch Patton, Thunder Marine, Chapter Five

“Doesn’t matter what you got,” the imitation Errol Flynn DEA agent said, standing behind the front desk. “Twenty thousand bucks down to take it for a spin. Otherwise, bring in a marine surveyor and check it out all you want for nuthin.”……

Arch Patton, Thunder Marine, Chapter Seven

Arch Patton Adventure THUNDER MARINE Chapter Seven Arch got up from the table, where the team was gathered, and headed for the front door of the restaurant. The DEA crowd was still present and obnoxious because they felt their turf was being violated, and they weren’t...

Arch Patton, Thunder Marine, Chapter Eight

Arch Patton Adventures THUNDER MARINE Chapter Eight Arch sat in front of the coffee table on the couch, with David at his side and Ilke in an easy chair across from him. He glanced uneasily out the window to where Thunder was moored, barely visible and unmoving, at...

Arch Patton, Thunder Marine, Chapter Nine

4:00 a.m. slammed down like a guillotine blade; bringing Arch’s eyes open to full wideness with a jerk, his head swinging up off his pillow to stare at the now open bedroom door. The door swung back toward the frame. It had been the sound of the old solid wood slab hitting drywall