Part XXI


The single heavy door opened all the way all on its own as if powered by some unseen force. There was no sound which surprised Star. How long since the doors to the house had been open, and if they hadn’t been opened for many many years then how was it that they could operate as if they were used every day. There was no evidence of the kind of hard harsh and penetrating light that flowed from most ceilings and the tops of the train tunnels inside the complex. Lights glowed on in front of Star as she moved into what could only be described as the recreation of life from the far past before the asteroid had changed everything in less than one rotation of the planet. Star stopped five feet inside the door, feeling a faint draft behind her but unable to turn and see what might have caused it. The scene opening before her was just too magnetically holding of all her attention. One light went on after another. Over-stuffed couches, chairs, side tables sat, perfectly laid out in a single large room covered in rugs so deeply piled that it was difficult to walk upon them. A fireplace ignited along the shorter wall of the room to Star’s left, while some sort of calming music she’d never heard anything like eased out of every part of the walls and ceiling.   Two fans revolved slowly, looking like many-fingered digits of some macabre but beautiful flat-surfaced hands.