The White Winged Warrior continues his crusade to be the numberChickenman one crime fighter in Midland.

Chickenman (aka Benton Harbor) would probably would have more success without his mother and the chief of Police.

Episode 9

The Feathered Fighter Flaps his wings Furiously and he exits the lair of Monique Strangler. Is she the evil Strangler?

Episode 10

The sometime dull witted White Winged Weekend Warrior stumbles in trying to remember the secret security code when calling into the commissioner office. Thank goodness Miss Helfinger is there to guide him.

Episode 11

After leaving the Strangler residence, the feathered fowl crime fighter is chastised on the bus for not being able to FLY.

Episode 12

The Winged Warrior is encouraged to get down from the bridge. She and the angry crowds forced him to try to fly off the bridge. Will he make it?


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