The Cowardly Lion, Autographed and Personalized Paperback


The Cowardly Lion is what the survivor of the Thirty Days Has September had to become in appearance and presentation in order to return home from becoming Junior and survive in a culture where none of the tools he used so effectively to control life around him and survive had any applicability.
Those actions he learned created habit patterns that had to be shed like a snake’s molting skin.
The criminal punishments and social abandonment the American culture dispenses on people who use violence to accomplish their goals or even survival is draconian in nature. The tools, the habit patterns, and predatory behavior Junior had grown to become part of had to be abandoned, although never forgotten.
To discover what happened to the companies of Marines and Junior himself the book The Cowardly Lion must be read from beginning to end.

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    Note from the Author:

    “A journaling tunnel through time in a period of serving readjustment to coming home from close and damaging conduct in the Vietnam war, wherein all the deadly but effective tools, darkly nefarious but successful tactics had to be quickly set aside, never to be applied again,

    As well as the strategic mission to do anything to survive had to violently be ripped from daily behavior, torn from social interaction and buried deep down inside a brain that had somehow came home only to find that ‘home’ was a place and experience he was no longer a creature who could accommodate, only adapt and move through like a like a chameleon crossing under vast floral arrangements of great color and abundance.

    The Cowardly Lion had to be created, once more ripping a fragile brain and damaged psychology to pieces as the new ‘home’ demanded, or the monster risen up from down below the monsoon slime of the A Shau Valley would have to be put down, at last.”


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