Advent Trees and Star Wars

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

Four days in between me and Christmas. I must finish the fourth and fifth Advent trees today so the fourth will be up tonight and then the fifth I will light up on the 23rd. The first four are all white lights (except for that weird yellow and white one my friends helped with when inebriated two weeks past). The fifth tree will be multi-colored as the final celebratory tree.

Christmas is all about the children abounding around us in this world and the children hiding deep inside each one of us, every one.
The first Star Wars movie worked so well because of those inner and outer children. The last Star Wars, The Force Awakens movie (out right now) fails for the same reason even though it will make a billion. The ‘childish’ writers of today are spread out all over the Internet because they have no place else to get read. Film and books, crushed to almost non-existence when it comes to having and displaying heart, will be back but not in the form they used to be recognized in.

Here’s to Christmas and the future, and to those of you who read this and are nothing more or less than big children.
Here’s the three trees for Advent, no matter what you believe, they should make you smile………

Merry Christmas.

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