The Obvious Sense Behind Alien Secrets and UFOs

By James Strauss


As an important field operations member of the Central Intelligence Agency for seventeen years I can honestly report that I never saw in real life something that could be termed a current operating alien machine, manner, or aliened, or otherwise.  I did see parts of the vehicles, some dated back to hundreds of thousands of years ago.  I did see photographs and records that very closely assured me that alien vehicles have been to this planet and that some might still be coming. There was little to counter the early reporters of what came to be known as UFOs in the early days.  Those witnesses were combat pilots on patrol during WWII and their credibility at the time was almost impossible to argue about.  Today, we have more pilots and a ton of current and former astronauts who report alien encounters with alien machines of all types, time after time.

The United States and the rest of the world have maintained doggedly and something with teeth that really can bite, that UFOs or UAPs as they are now trying to term them, do not exist and anyone who reports anything about them is a suspect for mental treatment and even incarceration (much of the UFO data is top secret, and therefore illegal to talk about or pass on information about).

The presence of UFOs, past and present, are the single subject that is not allowed to be discussed, taught or studied whatsoever.  The social stigma attached to a belief in such things was built up over time and maintained to this day.  But the fact that this is an area that can’t even be examined without ridicule of the examiners is a bit of evidence in of itself.  Why?  Why are any UFO or UAP phenomena held as top secret at all?  Why?

Why do new presidents come into office saying that they are going to reveal everything about UFOs but then quickly shut up and do nothing (try Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump, going all the way back to Kennedy). Why?  Why have there been releases of information stating officially that some alien technology has been reverse engineered to give America some great technological leads over other cultures?  Why?  Why were the first moon-landing astronauts so depressed when they got home and why did they basically burn the video camera lens out and then only communicate sporadically until they could get off that planetary body?  Why?  Why were the now released communications of the people back at Houston so laced with comments about the fact that those astronauts had seen alien spacecraft around them while there were on the surface of that body?  Why?

All those whys, and there are even more not written here, bring one of any intelligence to one single conclusion.  They have been there, and they are out there now, if not down here, as well.

The government, and other governments believe that they are protecting their respective publics.   What else can one think, unless there’s alien involvement in governmental operations.  The public is so distant from all governmental operations today that nobody would or could know, if the government chose for them not to know.  A final fact that might point to alien presence or involvement is simply that fact that things are so bizarre today.  The country in general has no idea where the Internet is taking us, where cell and Wi-Fi tech is leading us nor what the real meaning of A.I. is going to be.  There is about as much logical and understandable discussion about those things…which is a lot of what happens with UFO stuff. Note that the U.S. never went back to the moon after a few trips.  Now it says it’s going back, but nothing really happens to make that so.  Fusion, breakeven and more, has been discovered, and then set aside to develop all by itself like it’s not one of the most stunning technological discoveries of all time.  Life today gives every appearance of being one in which the cultures of the world are running just as fast as they can and going nowhere.

Can that really be by accident?

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