Alpha, by Vangelis.

Back when I had to get up in the morning.
Now I get up in the morning because I can’t even remember what it was that I got out of sleeping in.
Back then my brilliant wife was in control of the stereo, a stereo capable of blowing anyone and anything out of our small one story home. When it was five minutes from my time to arise she would turn on Alpha. My eyes would pop open and I would frown and turn over. But I knew what was coming. The music starts out low and slow. One minute and forty-three seconds in though the first crescendo blasted through the house and my nervous system. I was up, and as the song played I would begin to smile.There is life and majesty in that Vangelis work…and in the day that was to come ahead.
I miss having to get up and that song to make me do so on those long ago mornings.

Listen as it Builds