Application of Intellect

Dateline: Lake Geneva, WI

The application of intellect.
The public cannot be brought into the light unless it can be made to understand and observe what light is. At one time most of the world depended upon systems of hands on education to accomplish the installation of ‘understanding the world’ mindset into growing brains. Education led to society’s belief systems.
Today that burden seems to fall on the media.
The president of Barnes and Noble, the only surviving bookstore company in America, blames falling readership for the chain’s decline but in truth it was simply bad business decisions to isolate, monopolize and do what Radio Shack tried to do……
move into electronics and away from what they knew.

People are reading but no longer have anywhere to go to buy decent books! Now we have the media crying that people are doing weird things because people are believing the media! But the media isn’t really saying that at all. The media is saying “can you believe that everyone is so terrorized by Paris and San Bernardino?”

It is terror that the media is broadcasting and sowing while blaming people for watching and believing the skewed screwy message. It’s not that people don’t have the intellect to figure things out. It’s that they don’t have any facts anymore to base their discovery on, or cutting edge books, magazines and newspapers to get them anymore.

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