Is everyone being Bullied?

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

How does bullying work, anyway?
A rational person would think that every big blustering bully would be turned away in every circumstance by the people witnessing obviously bullying behavior. If that was truth then bullying, as a successful survival tactic, would have passed into the vast sea of failed strategies, but it hasn’t. The world is once again watching the rise of successful bully behavior.

Donald Trump is an obvious bully. He meets every part of any definition. He’s big, he’s crass, he’s loud, he’s self-admittedly uncaring, he’s mean, he lacks any experience at all in any kind of physical contest, he’s never served anything or anyone but himself, and he’s surrounded by sycophants that hope to ‘split the victim’s lunch money,’ kind of a thing.

Watch and listen.

The public has been so disappointed and unhinged by what mass media has done to it (lied to it about everything) that it is simply throwing in the towel and going with the obnoxious, awful and brutal sounding thousand pound gorilla, to get even or simply because it no longer gives a shit.

When 158 families own ninety percent of everything that leaves eight billion to not give a shit anymore. Ultimately, no matter what the governmental system in power anywhere, true heated, torturing and killing democracy will prevail.

You are watching and listening to the beginning days of that bloody violent process. “Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose…”

Songwriter and Rhodes Scholar, Kris Kristofferson, singing the song he wrote for Fred Foster, the boss of Monument and  sung by Janis Joplin and others:

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