Life can get boring on Hawaii….

But sometimes a simple walk along the beach and to a treasure pool can be very rewarding and a way to break the vicious Writer’s Block.

So many different ways to help others and help yourself at the same time.

“I was just admiring whatever it is you are doing there.”  I point weakly at the corner he has backed away from.  I note that water seems to swirl a little in some sort of natural basin at the bottom, where the two walls come together.

“Doing?” the man says, then smiles more to himself than me.  “I was just gettin’ some treasure from the treasure pool.”

“What’s the treasure pool?” I ask, not really caring, but the character before me is unusual, and therefore of  some passing interest………


Enjoy the Audio version of the Treasure Pool



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The Featured photo is residence designed by Vladimir Ossipoff The Hale Kai estate. Originally built as a residence for William H. Hill, one of Hawaii’s first senators, the home has seen share of famous guests (including John Wayne, who married his third wife on the grounds).

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