Bed and Breakfast, the real deal?

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Hicks, country folk, rural people. Have you been to the outback of America and really circulated and spent some time with the locals who don’t often venture into the larger urban areas unless they have to?

You ought to try it.

Go to some small town and stay in a local bed and breakfast to experience the real fabric that holds America together. The breakfast with others staying in the converted home and the people serving you will spin your head about. The reality of life in the country is all about the country. You don’t find drive by shootings, assaults in dark alleys or rude snotty behavior being addressed to visitors. You will be looked at and watched closely but that’s called the human condition.

You will be taken in and loved if you want to be taken in and loved. You’ll be soundly rejected if you come to the country radiating rejection. Hick, country and rural are complimentary words when I write and think them.

I wasn’t always a hick, but they let me in.

Now I are one. If I make fun of the simplicity and genuine nature of life in the back country of America I am doing it out of love.

Are you in love with the values and attitude of the heartland?

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