I went on YouTube and found 2001 a Space Odyssey. Then I scrolled until I found that scene where the spaceship was slowly turning in space to align itself with the space station. The Director of that film brilliantly selected a simple waltz called the Blue Danube, to play while the representation showed. It is one of the most calming and pleasurable mixes of music and motion pictures in my life. I can sit here and be entranced time after time.

Why? Because the scene portrays a time in the future that illustrates real advancement? Because it shows how my fellow men, women and I will continue to overcome all the restrictions, pain and harshness of a cold and uncaring universe? Because it shows men and women working together to accomplish something important even if I can’t recall what it was? Or is it the notes of the music somehow aligned with the movement before my eyes? Maybe a bit of all of that. I went on to watch the opening of Chariots of Fire and that Vangelis music to go with it. I went to that movie years ago and got there late. The opening was playing when I walked into the back of the theater. I was riveted to the spot, standing there until it was over, before finding a seat.

Find those slices of your own life that give you strange unexplainable please and do some of them this day.

These are strange times, but you are not a strange person, and you know people around you who are not strange either. Marry them deeper into your life, so to speak. Do more of your part, even if your part is unfairly too much. You can’t over friend or over love. You can be rejected for it, but you will only glow and beam warm light throughout your inner self from the effort and the trying. It’s Sunday and you are ready.

With me, right here and right there….