I can’t sleep so well and amazingly my appetite is down like I’m on some special diet.
I’m sort of a mix inside of a bit of fear, anxiety and broken hope…….but the main element of strangeness is a feeling inside my very center of instability.
I lost something in this election I’ve never lost before.
I lost that loving feeling, the Righteous Brothers would write.

Since the election I haven’t been able to get up with a spring in my step, shower thinking about the great things ahead in my day and then head on out pursuing my normal busy runabout agenda.
I wander a bit.
I look around a bit.
I seek the company of others for no good reason other than not to be alone.
It’s bit like the day after 9/11 but worse because I don’t feel united and grounded in my national identity and that’s a feeling I didn’t know I needed.
I lost something and now I have to intently engage my neocortex to override my emotional center and get it back.
I wonder if others are feeling like me….

Carry On

~~James Strauss