The Eigenfunction

We climbed back aboard the World Discoverer (aka ‘Lindy’). Benito was nowhere around, which provided some much-needed relief. I hesitated for a brief instant. The supervisor’s throw had caused me bruises I had only begun to feel. The captain would be waiting, I knew, but a hot shower was vital to my getting through the rest of the day. I made for my cabin, stopping in the corridor. I had not thought of Dutch since departing that morning. It was afternoon.

It would take time for Filipe to bring the Zodiac aboard, secure it from the hoist, and then return down to the bilge area. I got to my cabin, tossed the canvas sack onto my bunk, and then stripped. I stood under the hot water naked, taking the heat in, while trying to feel just what kind of damage I had suffered while on the island. So many things needed to be done. I thought about a re-supply of morphine and syringes, which had been expended. There was, of course, the captain. There was Marlys. There was Benito out there somewhere. And Dutch.

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