Well, I found a few more fabulous Chickenman Episodes to share with you.

Enjoy the fun and please comment below and share your reactions to Chickenman

Episode 17 finds our fearless fantastic fowl questioning Miss Helfinger about the validity of the commissioner’s summons. Wreak Havoc is introduced.

For your enjoyment…#17

In Episode 18 the White Winged Warrior is making a personal appearance at the annual father And Son Banquet and finds himself involved with a magician. But his mother, Mildred tries to squash the deal. Mildred the Masked Mother. Oh, oh.

We finally get to learn more about the Maternal Maurader, mother of Feathered Fighter at the 744th Press conference of the year conducted by the police commissioner in Episode 19. Her Haute Coutre is so delicately described.

Another frantic call from the White Winged Warrior to Miss Helfinger to get instruction on how to get out of the Chicken Cave possibly invaded by bats).
Thank goodness the commissioners secreatry dials the Maternal Maurader to get information regarding the closeted Feather Fighter.
Episode 20