Four more episodes of Chickenman, the Fearless Feathered Fighter of Felons.


Chickenman, by illustrator, Michael Walberg

Chickenman radio shows were welcomed and put a smile on many weary Marines and other service personnel in the Vietnam War, through Armed Forces Radio

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Episode 13

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rumford, from Dubuque, are so gracious in allowing the White Winged Warrior access to their telephone for an urgent call.

Episode 14

Oh my Gosh, poor Benton Harbor (aka The White Winged Warrior, Chickenman) meets a person who messes up the Top Secret Procedure to contact the Commissioner. Whatever will happen now!

Episode 15

Up to now only 3 people knew about the real identity of the Feathered Fowl, known as the White Winged Weekend Warrior. Did Mildred Harbor let the secret out. And what will ever happen to poor Sadie Lechtner?

Episode 16

The White Winged Warrior visit old grammar school chum, Sadie Lechtner. “Benny”, as she remembers him, flies her to the moon? Will they ever get home?