Appreciation and reflection. That’s Christmas for those who have a body of life experience and some measure of intellect. Thinking about it all. Life itself, the meaning of existence and, in particular, our place in the social order we’ve fashioned for ourself or that has been fashioned for us….and sometimes both. What does it mean to truly care about others, from those close ‘inside the wire’ to those who flit about outside but not far away? It would seem that in today’s world cultural milieu that thinking and caring about others more distant is not quite as in fashion as it might have been, but without the ‘spirit of Christmas’ pervading some of our thoughts, with respect to the world, what kind of a world worth living in would it really be? Christmas, as other holidays, but maybe more deeply, gives a sort of ‘stutter’ to life for those of us who truly care.

Think. Have some coffee, hot chocolate or even some of that holiday good cheer. Then sit around a tree, or whatever you have and smile about what you have, plot to move toward what more you want and give thanks. Thanks to all those who’ve contributed to your situation and give back to you because you’ve given so much to and for them. The baby Jesus, the grown Jesus or even the non-existent Jesus, matters only in that the belief system is really all about you and how you view and treat others.

Merry Christmas this day to all those who’ve given so willingly to me on Facebook and in my regular life here in Lake Geneva. I have holes you can drive a truck through but I’m surrounded by people who are really great at doing those big thumpy asphalt patches to cover them. Thank you.