The power of America has never been greater and the lives of American’s have never been better. The American military has never been stronger and the economics of the world turns on the power of the American dollar to this day. None of that was true or close before WWII. And then everything changed. What is happening today is a shift in viewing the real world. The phenomenal world we all live in is mostly made up. From wall covering sand rugs to hide mouse droppings to curbs and smooth roads to cover broken crags and gravel. Our cars have very thin paint to hide the metallic reality just beneath. Our homes portray one view to the world that is anything but what goes on inside. What is the insidious problem that comes to prevail when everything is made up? Belief and opinion.

Views of these things can be changed and you know that using color as an example. One color becomes favored over another and the old color becomes ugly. People are amazed at the archaic nature of prior people who like the old color. American’s old color of success, power and comfort is being shed. That color, whatever it was, is out. A new color is in and that color wants the old color out of there. The new color is black. The old color of success was one of bliss and happiness being the ultimate state of grateful being. That color is out. Black demands that cultural success be founded upon dominance and the failure of those in the surrounding area. The Russians used to have a saying in Soviet times of the cold war: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.”

The new saying quietly being foisted upon a blackening world is: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too.”