Reflections focused on the Corona Virus (COVID19) Pandemic
March 27, 2020

Lake Geneva

The tragedy. The loss.

The feelings expressed by those around me that I am thinking negative thoughts.

How to endure? To move on? To stay home and wait? How many of the small businesses that I have come to love in my community will survive? Less than fifty percent of the 147 that are existent now?

My opinion…and that opinion is based upon being out there on the streets with them for twelve years, is grim

The big-box stores are all staying in business and doing really well. Those stores are always open now and considered necessary. They have grocery parts to their stores so they are open. All the small businesses are closed because they never sold groceries. The small businesses are not going to come back after three months, at least, of being required to be out of business.

The money now is going to Target and Wal-Mart. The guns being wildly purchased, along with ammunition, these days are going where? They are purchased and being readied to provide food and shelter for half of the population that cannot get by for four months without money or food, or even shelter. Those guns and gals, broken by not down and out yet, are going to Target and Wal-Mart, those big-box businesses smiling right now, and raising prices.
But what happens when the ‘Guns of April’ come hunting?

When you have nothing you have nothing to lose. How is it that America could have forgotten or set aside that anthropological and sociological constant? Not yet, no not quite yet is this going to happen. Not next week, but the intensity of the ‘coming’ will grow, and the violence will have to increase.
Leonard Cohen wrote a song, called “Democracy is Coming to the USA“.

It might do well for all of America to listen to the lyrics of that song and share your thoughts.

Leonard Cohen

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