Reflection #25 of Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic

Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter.
Ted Koppel was on Sunday Morning this Sunday morning on CBS. Ted was big on how great the effect is going to be when this virus infestation goes the way of, well, World War II. Ted commented on the greatest generation that took us from the depression to win that war and then built what we know of as America, almost all by themselves.

That is, of course, so much poppycock. The Greatest Generation crap was created by another brain-damaged mass media personality named Tom Brokaw back in 1998. It must be fun to be the greatest. Ted felt, this morning, that another greatest generation might be in the making following this war on the virus.

What happened to the generations between the WW2 people and the coming new greatest generation? Toast. Soggy burned toast. Great genes but bad performance. Possibly it was Vietnam, or maybe Korea, or even Iraq and Afghanistan…ugly little wars fought against scum by those considered little better back home. Oh, you say that the ‘greatest generation’ had everything to do with starting the scum wars?

Well, what the hell. It’s Easter.

Long ago the Easter Bunny rolled back the great rock covering the cave opening and an astronaut took to the skies. Or something like that. In truth, we do look up today and smile. The New Testament is with us as a great guide. Remember that on this day. Our guide is not that of governmental leadership or the mass media. Not a guide much worth following, anyway, not if the strange moves of the greatest generation are any example.

God bless and keep you on this day…even if you are being kept at home.

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