Journaling the Coronavirus  (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #27

April 15, 2020

Faraday. Michael Faraday, from the 1800s. He was an expert on electromagnetism. He invented what’s called a Faraday cage, as effective today as it was back then. You can get a Faraday bag for twenty bucks or less on Amazon and less on eBay.

Why get a Faraday bag?

A Faraday bag is a metal filament (usually copper) weave wherein no electrical charge may enter or leave. No microwaves. No radio waves. Nothing electrical. Now, when your bag comes, start carrying your cell phone inside it when you are driving or resting somewhere or wherever. Be careful to know where the bag is at all times because ‘find my phone’ is not going to work while your cell phone is inside the bag. While your phone is in the bag it cannot be tracked by anything known to modern man. Why is that important? It may not be, but if things get more wired down than they are going to go into open season, and big brother might get serious about trying to ascertain who is obeying the social distance rules and who is not. Deemed to be not obeying is a five hundred dollars fine and jail time if the police might want to push it, although they are not doing that yet. It may come to that.

Get a Faraday bag and have some peace of mind. Don’t disobey the distance rules but remember, many people go to jail or pay huge fines for doing stuff they really didn’t mean to do, or know they were doing. In the last analysis, if you really want to have the protection of this sort cheaply, go to a hardware store and buy a thin sheet of copper for a couple of dollars. Put your phone under it on the seat next to you. Cheap Faraday cage. Brass will work, too but not as well as copper.

Your thoughts about this or is it just Poppycock?

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