Reflections on the Coronavirus (Covid19)

March 20, 2020

I am coming to hate them. I never hated them before, not any of them. Oh, I have not cared from some of the Fox commentators but I never thought much about the anchors. Now I am thinking about them, and not just the ones on Fox.

I am thinking about the network and the cable news anchors. Every last one of them sounds pretty damned enthusiastic to be reporting this looming disaster and I don’t like their tone one bit. I don’t like how well they are doing and are going to do while the nation suffers through a long period of living hell. I don’t like the fact that not one of the anchors, including Rachel, will allow in the least for the obvious conclusion that many many more people are going to die from the country’s reacting to the fear of getting the virus much more than the virus itself. <

Vegas is closing all the casinos. I don’t know how many tens of thousands of employees, all without hope of finding another job now, are going to be left with little or nothing. How are they supposed to make it several months or longer? They can’t make it. Oh, for a few days, maybe a week or two, but then the wheels are going to come off.

California wants to keep all citizens, all forty million of them, at home. Dumb as a box of rocks. What about those without homes? What about groceries, offices, communications and much much more. What about thirty million lost jobs there, or more? Nobody seems to give a shit as long as nobody gets a temperature. America, a good bit of it, has been afraid of the use of guns lately. Well, guns are going to become a big deal now, making previous gun-related events and incidents look like children’s play with slingshots. Guns and ammo are selling off the shelves. In fact, gun and sporting goods stores are limiting the amounts of ammo they will sell.

Why are these people, droves of new purchasers, buying guns and ammo? No, they are not, by and large, buying them for self-defense.
The mass media has helped begin the killing of the America I have loved all my life and I am getting ready to hate every one of the traitorous creeps who are its spokesmen and women…

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