Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #34

April 18, 2020
Lake Geneva, WI

You are believing the numbers. You are believing the numbers on the daily, or hourly scoreboard. Almost everyone is. Those numbers have replaced sports numbers although they are much larger and more popular than any sports numbers ever were before this virus took over.

Well, Wisconsin has a population of 5.8 million. My country, Walworth, has 103 thousand. It’s one of the 72 counties in the state and 14th in size. It’s a small, rural and mostly white county. Yesterday it had 77 diagnosed virus cases (on the scoreboard) and 3 deaths. Today it has 689 cases and the same 3 deaths. Now, how likely does that figure seem to you? There’s no Smithfield Plant out here or much of anything of size, really. How about China’s doubling of death numbers overnight too?

Everyone will believe that China is simply lying.

Why won’t they believe the same thing back here? They are playing with the numbers! And you are going right along. The health care workers, all of them, have replaced police and fire forces as the new heroes. although much deserved these new heroes are also getting full pay while you’re not. Pay attention to the congress wanting to pay them extra for hardship pay too. You aren’t getting a penny of that either, and you are not going to be known as a hero to add to that. How’s that stimulus check working out for you? Checking your account every fifteen minutes to see if it is there? Let me help you. It isn’t. And that SBA loan they mysteriously and quickly ran out of money to pay…but they’ll keep you in mind? Let me help you. Don’t leave a light on for that messenger or special delivery coming. It’s not coming.

The ‘water’ is going out and that dark tsunami wave is coming through. On that, you can depend, unless they make some changes fast, and I pray you and I are ready for it. All of our lives in this country have now been drastically changed. There will be no shaking of hands, no hugging, no kissing and sure as hell no sex. And that paper money everyone has so believed in is about to lose some of its belief. The nation only collected $3.46 trillion in the year 2019. Print a whole lot more and the belief support of the dollar begins to stretch. While the ‘water’ is going out the dollar is stretching to the belief breaking point.

Wow. If they keep this country shut down then they are going to need a much larger scoreboard for their daily fun statistics.

How are the Numbers in Your Neighborhood?

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