Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #35

April 18, 2020

Governor Andrew Cuomo, of New York, said, this morning, on national television, that he walks the dogs, and when he’s outside he wears a mask and distances himself properly. He said that this behavior was very healthy for America. He then said that he didn’t know whether pets needed to wear masks or not too. He had not seen any studies on that.

Why can’t I picture this man out walking dogs at all, much less wearing a mask while doing so? Why would this educated governor demonstrate such ignorance in saying something like he said about pets wearing masks? I don’t know. This whole viral odyssey is a voyage through a country that seems to have been drinking lead-laced water from Michigan. What happened to INTELLECT? How did we get this dumb?

The building tsunami of economic disaster is not even visible on the horizon yet, but the ‘water’ all around us, in all 43 states that are shut down, is receding at a slow but steady rate. Half of our beloved small shops in Lake Geneva will be permanently gone by the end of next month. We’ll lose our theater, more than half of our restaurants and so much more. I want our leaders fired. I want them penniless too. I want them exposed and I want them to pay a stinging bitter price for what they are doing and what they have done and what they failed to do all along the way. I want new people in mass media. Young bright people, not these nearly illiterate fools or educated snobs we currently have for ‘anchors’ and senior broadcasters. I want to hear from college professors and real doctors, not pundits or lab technician doctors. Front line medical care workers and people working in hospitals and clinics are the new heroes of our time.

Note here: they also have jobs, and the government is thinking about giving them hardship pay. How are you doing on your small stimulus check or your SBA loan? Not so good, huh. Oh, and you aren’t to be known as a hero, either. Just not your day, or mine. Just not your time, or mine.

But, the tsunami is coming…and that is going to change everything about life as we knew it, and now must come to know it.

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