Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #39

April 20, 2020

The gloves and the masks.
I have masks now. I am trying to get used to wearing one whenever I go out. I also have surgical gloves now, something I’ve never worn in my life. There seems to be little information about the actual wearing of masks or these gloves. Nobody talks about how hot the masks are to wear. The heat builds up until your lower face is in a bit of an oven. Not intolerable but certainly not pleasant.

I wear glasses. Good luck with that affliction. The glasses fog up at every breath, so I am constantly adjusting the mask, ergo touching my face, or holding my breath while I’m looking at something. The gloves are another issue. They are hard to put on. It takes minutes to get them on properly and then, things like typing on this computer become impossible. I suppose, with practice and time, I could get along doing small motor tasks that elude me now with these on. The gloves are also hot, and they make my hands sweat inside them. Plus, since the outsides of the gloves might have contracted something, I have to be careful not to touch myself with the gloves on, just like when they were off. When I strip them off with difficulty I must then wash my hands, again, like before I put them on.

The time to do all this is the real gift since with the shutdown there is so much less to do. So much vital stuff that must simply wait, go away, die or whatever because so much cannot be done from home. The really great news here is the release and momentary euphoria. Yes, it feels so wonderful to get in the car after being in the store and strip off the mask. Relief. I have to wait to get home to do the gloves, but I am prepared for that mild euphoria too. The steering wheel has to be sanitized before I get out of the car and the groceries have to be wiped down.

See, there is plenty to do in this new world order, where a sort of near video game series of moves and time has been substituted for what used to be real life. I have become Super Mario while looking like a bad imitation of batman or Spiderman.

How are you coping with these new “habits”?
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