Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #42

April 23, 2020

I feel like the outlier or outsider once again, as I look at the figures posted on MSNBC this morning. Supposedly 76 percent of the public think that these stay at home rules are the right way to go and need to stay in place for the foreseeable future. Of the remaining 24 percent, almost the entire percentage thinks the rules ought to be made tougher.

I just sit and look at the vapidity of those figures. A father and mother sitting at home, having run out of money, with no jobs or prospects for the future, with no stimulus and certainly no hope of an SBA bailout are voting to continue this? To make the rules tougher? That simply cannot be, and also that hypothetical couple, with sleeping children who haven’t gotten up yet because school is something of the recent and soon to be distant past, must be thinking about feeding the kids only a few days down the road. That couple has to be extended out to represent about forty percent of the population now.

So, who’s being polled to arrive at the ridiculous result MSNBC put up on the screen? They are lying to us. The very people, the supposedly liberal media, I thought would bring a new world order of compassion, understanding, and financial redistribution, is working lockstep with whoever is behind this whole nightmare and I now see that they are not going to quit. They are not going to bring us back until real violence sweeps across the nation. Why do they want this? Is it that important to reduce the nation to ashes so the ashes can be ruled by them, whoever ‘them’ is?

I can’t even go out among my friends and discuss this issue, as they have, almost one and all, bought into the story. Oh, we are going to beat the virus that barely was alright, but we are going to do it by reducing ourselves from the high flying fast-growing and technologically advanced society we were to a reduced social order of cave dwellers like I used to visit in the mountains of Afghanistan when the Russians were fighting them in the 80s. I felt so sorry for them, particularly the women and children, in those caves. I did not identify with them, however. I do identify with them now. I understand how they came to be in such circumstances and why they could not get out.

Humanity has chosen, or it has been chosen for it by the few, to go down into the basal animal foundations of its origin that might best be referred to as the Planet of the Apes.

How would you have answered the Polling Question:
“Stay at Home” Orders Needs to stay Enforced Everywhere

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