Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #45


April 25, 2020

Helping someone else.
The very best cures for depression, ennui, and just that anxious lousy feeling of worry is to get out there and find somebody else to HELP. In ‘normal’ times it can be pretty hard to find such people, even if you are one yourself. But now, these people in terrible need are having to come out of wherever they might be and seek assistance. There are going to be so many more who are running out of food for their families and with no place to go. The food banks are becoming empty and the government programs do not reach these kinds of people.

Only you can.

The New Testament covers this and your reward will not just be in heaven. You will feel better about your own situation if you follow this advice. You will feel better, not out of contrast, but because it will reaffirm to you that you are important, vital and a caring wonderful person inside, even if that is not apparent to you when you look in the mirror in the morning, or when you judge yourself in watching the expressions of others you may perceive to be judging you.

Go out there and help. I am going out there right now. This is called an expression of love, even if you don’t find anyone. As Snoop Dogg once said to me: “One love brother.”

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What are you doing to HELP others?

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