Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #50

May 1, 2020


Masks and gloves are being heavily pushed for wear in almost all cases.

Schools, when they open, will require masks to be worn at all times. Macy’s, the large department chain will require masks to be worn while shopping, and so will Costco. Soon, all of them. The social aspects of distancing, long term effect of wearing effective ‘disguises’ have not struck yet. There is no consideration being given, by the authorities, governmental and business, to the social and economic effects of these new policies. Long term, years, changes to all of our lives are being openly discussed as if that is quite okay with everyone.

There will be no intimacy. There will be no-touch in love, in school, in sickness, or even death. We will roam this countryside isolated in small six-foot distance capsules of questionably clean air. We will suspect everyone and have no mercy for those who become ill, and especially those who contract the virus. Those who get the virus and survive will be given a free pass for a bit but then suspected of being able to get the virus again and fall right back into the pack.

Mankind becomes a non-rabid form of one huge hyena pack, constantly roaming around, like long-serving prisoners on an open and self-contained prison yard. The virus did not do this to the world or the United States, Human Beings did, and it is astounding that this simple logical fact can be so disguised and kept so secret. Who are these people who’ve done this? No, they are not some group of biological workers in Wuhan. They are right here among us, but we can’t see them past their stone walls, inside their smoky limo windows, or aboard their high-flying personal jets. With the iron-fisted control of the media, they may never become visible, accountable, or even responsible, while down on the ‘prison yard’ of the world, the hyena pack members will fight, and eventually maim and kill for the scraps it must have to survive.

Are you masking or unmasking?

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