Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #55

May 4, 2020


The double down.

Are states and medical professionals, the ones appearing on national television, doubling down on stay at home, masks, and business closures regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The mass media, newspapers, and television alike, not to mention most of the Internet, is certainly pushing that agenda. The argument is that you are endangering others by your conduct. Not only do we have the nightmare of all these poor people unemployed and without money but we have the emotional negativism of watching neighbors, family, and others in close contact with us and then attacking them if they do not conform to these new rigid rules of living.

What they conform over is not nearly as important as the human imperative to get others to do what they think the others should be doing…which is a driving force of the entire human experience and condition.

The most addictive thing on this planet is not drugs, sports, or any of that. It is getting other people to do what we tell them to do. Try being a fired executive. The thing that the executive will miss the most is not the compensation, retirement funds, or other benefits. That CEO will miss his or her secretarial staff. He or she will be bereft without anyone to get the phone, get the coffee, buy presents for special occasions, lie on the executive’s behalf, or just make the ordering person feel better, and more.

This is all turning into a social control nightmare and that part of this nightmare is not being discussed as that at all. It is being discussed as a good thing to stop this virus that is still being advertised as if it is killing millions upon millions, when, in fact, even by the rather conjectural numbers posted, it is not. Note that the social distancing does not seem to be much influencing the numbers of the virus penetration of the public. Gee, I wonder why that is? The world is being brought to its knees, and once bereft, alone and on its knees, it will only be able to look up and beg for continuance or existence itself.

Who, what humans waiting, will be those that we survivors will be so wantonly begging from?

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