Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #57

May 8, 2020

What a grand excuse this has become.

The great Coronavirus excuse. If you want an example of this excuse then try calling Amazon. Guess what? Amazon no longer takes phone calls. Amazon sends you to its website where you can do jack if you have a fraud problem or an ordering problem or whatever. The excuse on the phone recording is the virus and how this magnificent employee-oriented company is taking such great care of customers and employees so well that it simply can’t risk everyone’s health by having actual employees talk over the phone. What bull crap!

The new telephone virus, as this disease is allowing every unprincipled operation in America, and maybe the world, to act like callow cowardly cretins, set up to take the money and provide as little or no service as possible.

Once again, a nation that is not willing to stand and go after big corporations over this issue is in a real mess. Look how all the utilities managed to get rid of their customer service offices and the cell phone and regular phone service providers too. They opened ‘sales’ offices not connected to the names they have on their doors. AT&T, my aunt’s fanny! And so on. Go to one of their websites and become another wandering website zombie. Try complaining to a gas station about the price of gas, or anything else. They made sure, years ago, that there would be nobody to complain to. Go ahead and call Apple, the largest company in the world, with more liquidity than God. Nothing. I had a fraudulent charge on a credit card with a big bank. I called to get rid of it, after getting a new credit card to replace the old one over it weeks ago. The charge came through again the day after I got the new card because, well, the charge was authorized on the old card number. I had to go to a chat space on the website. I got John to ‘chat’ with. John wanted to issue another card and then take two to three weeks for the card to come because of delays caused by the virus. How quaint. I said no. John said nothing. The chatbox closed. I got back into the website. I had to start over. This time ‘Hilda’ took the charge off without canceling the card, hopefully. Now I spend time at my Kwik Trip gas station trying my cards in private to make sure they’ll work without embarrassment. The gas pump. My new silent best friend, even though they have been increasing the price of gas ten cents a gallon every day because of ‘increased usage’ that is no there. Is there any wonder that our nation is being buried under a veritable avalanche of lies?

What are your Coronavirus Pandemic Customer Service Rants Today?

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