Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic,
Reflection #66

May 20, 2020

It’s about the money.

And how to take advantage of making it in this strangely difficult time across this fractured and brutalized culture. Provide less and charge the same or more. It’s a very old strategy. How does that work? You need an excuse. You need a really good excuse. How about the terrific excuse of the virus? The threat of the virus, the reality of the virus, the effects of the virus…and more.

Check out AT&T. You now have to pay a monthly fee just to talk to someone about the problem you might be having with your cell phone linked to them or your service. How about Amazon, Facebook, Google and so many more that now announce in their awful recordings, using voicemail. that they don’t accept personal phone calls between humans. They are all protecting their employees…almost like they’ve given one damn about their call center/foreign operated ’employees’ for years. Colleges and universities are getting aboard this great excuse boat. Many will use online education, virtual attendance, and distant testing to meet the requirements of transmitting the data and teaching it online. No more physical attendance at all.

Oh, and they want to charge more for this silly service, or the same as they did before for delivering a real education.

Guess what, the whole thing is about doing away with employees and providing crummier service in every area, or no service at all. Want to protest any of this? Want to protest being forced to go broke? Want to protest being followed or diagnosed against your will, or any of that? Well, protesting isn’t being allowed in most places anymore. Not while the virus is affecting most of the nation. That’s right, the mass media, the political leaders, the big corporations all are spewing out the same message.

Shut up. Shut up and take it. We talk and you listen, or we’ll hurt you.

Things will return to ‘normal’ one day, over the rainbow, if using this virus to make more money and do less doesn’t work anymore.

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