Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic.
Reflection #78

June 19, 2020



They are still coming, like a hoard of mosquitos in the night. By the time you hear them humming around you, it will be too late to take protective measures. Get a Faraday BagFaraday Bag from Amazon. They only cost about twenty bucks. Put your cell phone in that bag at home and as you drive around. Nobody will be able to tell where you are while your phone is in that bag. You will not, of course, be able to receive calls or make calls while the phone remains in the bag and that’s a pretty big deal. We all live around our cell phones. But the tracers will come, like enforced testing for you to be allowed into the workplace, and that whole coming nightmare is going to be a pretty prejudicially series of occurrences.

Once again, you can be selected against, by fellow workers or competitors or whomever. Tracers will gain enormous power to force anyone they choose to be hurt. Being labeled a person who has been in contact, no matter how allegedly, with somebody who tests positive for the virus means you get set aside for two weeks of self-quarantine at home, or wherever if you don’t have a proper home. It also means that for two critical weeks you will be ‘out of play’ when it comes to making ends meet or keeping your job and more.

Get the bag and think about how to use it. Things have not gone critical yet, but they soon may. If this breaks the way I think it is going to then tracers will become like the TSA guards at the airport. Lowly paid, undereducated, barely trained but with plenty of power and attitude.

Are the Tracers present in your area?

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