Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic,
Reflection #80

June 22, 2020

Hawaii, and why the island of Oahu is important to you, even though you are not there.

Hawaii held a prominent position in the Chicago Tribune newspaper this morning. The Tribune’s article about the Hawaii imposed and enforced quarantine of all visitors was celebrated in an article. The article’s slant was all about civilian citizen sleuths finding out about visitors and then pursuing them to watch and report any violations of the two-week quarantine order placed upon all visitors to the islands. These vigilante forces look the person allegedly violating up on the Internet to find criminal history, social platform attendance, and comments, as well as anything else they can find to publish so they can publicly denigrate violators or perceived violators.

How bad can things get where you live?

That bad, if this tracer movement really takes hold and gets underway where you are. Should the people coming to the islands be treated this way? That’s an argument that will resound down through the ages, but the reality of this kind of behavior is so destructive in the present and on into the future that I must comment. The public must act against this kind of Brown Shirt Hitler Youth kind of behavior. The only way to do it is to begin investigating the backgrounds and social communications of the people doing the tracing, tracking, and investigating.

He who is without sin….kind of a thing.

Let’s find out who these vigilantes are and who these tracers are and then publish information about them! This behavior by the leadership and some of the citizenry in Hawaii is going to play havoc with any recovery. Hawaii needs money. All states, entities, and individuals do. It is money that will eventually cause deep pain in the islands, as the public falls out of love with the place and the people. And the money goes away. Lake Geneva has a bifurcated problem not dissimilar from that of Hawaii. People love to visit and they pay scads of cash in many ways to do so.

Lake Geneva residents, my hometown, love the money but not the tourists who bring it. Getting over not liking the downside is vital in attracting and keeping the money. It’s a trade-off, but without the money, Lake Geneva goes back to being the lonely playground of a few billionaires, and they don’t play together well, or with anybody else either.

Hawaii is unknowingly changing its motto from the ‘land of aloha’ to the ‘land of goodbye’, and most of the people who live there have little idea of what is happening, with respect to their future well being. The silent death toll is being caused by the nation’s response to this coronavirus (COVID19) is going to be monumental.

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