Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic
Reflection #82

Lake Geneva
June 27, 2020

Saturday morning, coming down. Lake Geneva is filled with people.

There are no masks in sight, except for my own. There is social distancing but it’s down to about three inches. The beach line is a block-long, of people waiting to pay eight bucks per person to lay there and enjoy the cool pure water just beyond the sand. All boats and wave runners for all service agencies are rented out for the day already. Lake Geneva is recovering financially, no matter what the cost in lives from the virus.

Since the first death from COVID19 on May 15th, there have been fifteen more in the county. Nobody has died at home and 13 deaths have been in nursing or assisted living situations.

Is Lake Geneva right in being wide open right now?

That’s a completely arguable question. Popeyes restaurant is closed, Speedo’s restaurant is closed, as is Simple, Simple Bakery, and Chucks over in Fontana. Pier 290 is closed in Williams Bay. Wherever the virus rears its ugly head the businesses close and then go through rigorous cleaning regimens before re-opening. The toll of the virus is going to be huge and long-acting. The national mass media mess of supposed reporters is back, taking the microphone from Trump and putting it back on the new ‘spike’ of the virus.

All we know for certain is that whatever the news is tomorrow, it will be equally bad and frightening as it was for this day. The news on television, for the most part, is not fake. It’s just a form of converted and manipulated fiction.

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How is the Pandemic affecting your Town at this time?

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