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Does it Matter

And how does Facebook play into this?

Facebook is not about you talking back and forth to lots of people. That is the way it started but then the people who own and operate Facebook met with the bean counters and figures something out. The same thing television owners figured out a long time ago. These mediums can be used to tell people stuff and advertise.

People interacting with one another or even growing in popularity or ‘branding’ does nothing to profit the owners……
so they both did away with any of that.

The only people you see on television are all prepped to deliver approved messages or they are quickly history. On Facebook nobody sees your posts anymore, no matter how many friends you have, unless they’ve commented on your posts in recent history. That’s why you can have 5000 friends and get two or three comments over a period of time when in the old days you might have receive more than a hundred. It’s not about your comments. It’s about what they did about them.

It’s about the money and no, you are not getting any.
Branding is money.
Notice and popularity translates into money, as they see it.
No you are not getting any.

But actually, an active engaged PAGE can count on 20-30% organic Reach if one know how to post relevant content.

How is your Reach working?

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