A Poem

By James Strauss

A little bitty piece of me
Not that part with education,
Just the part you can’t see,
Of interest fun and erudition.

They don’t really want it,
So I’m forced to turn away
To wait and quietly sit,
Floating in silence to another day.

The world has lots of vegetation,
Animals abound like you and me,
Plants don’t move in agitation,
Or slightly like wind at the top of a tree.

We’re not learning from one another,
Because we don’t stop to listen,
Busy fighting each other,
While yelling, lying and bitch’n.

The trees all know unable to shout,
With frozen realization,
The animals running wildly about,
Are there to provide fertilization.

One more time the humans swim,
Unknowingly again to the other side,
Paddling over on soggy logs,
Boats invented in some distant future.

The straits of life they once again paddle,
Eons old trees waiting on station,
As more moving human ‘cattle,’
Get ready to restart civilization.

A little bitty piece of me,
They don’t want but should say please,
Unknowingly rush headlong toward that sea,
Swimming across to feed the damned trees