It was interesting to listen to so many people interviewed this morning on ABC about why they support Donald Trump. Some are irrational to a great extent, like the woman who’s selling Confederate flags with Trumps name on them, even though Trump has disavowed that flag and cause. So many people feel like life just can’t get any worse. They have cars, those people. booths at fairs, homes rented or owned. They have food (none were skinny), medical attention (even dentistry, as none had terrible teeth) and nobody beating them or killing them. They support Trump because everything, the way they see it, sucks.

I have come to believe that American needs to spend tons more in an area never before considered. The U.S. needs to subsidize American travel abroad. I mean really! If you go to so many places in the world you will see, right as soon as you get off the boat or plane, miserable poverty, broken bodies, and cardboard living. You will see humans living in fear of almost everything, from weather, dictators, starvation, to a total lack of any hope. These Trump people so delighted to vote for ‘change,’ no matter what the change might be, are not stupid. They simply lack any education about the world, its current state, its history or how long it took to get us this far. And how tenuous this American experiment really is. These people have never gone out and seen it. If you go out there a feeling of loneliness for home overcomes you. It isn’t a need to get back to what you know or your family and friends. Its a craven need to get back to the ‘real’ world and out of the conditions of hell.

Trump is doing what Trump does, selling places in hell as a vacation on the beaches of the South of France. And these poor people backing Trump don’t have clue. I never thought I would live to see a more flagrant display in my own country, illustrating how Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin came to power in their countries. They did it by using ignorance, and an unwillingness of the ignorant to believe that they were ignorant. Look at just one soon to be forgotten man; Fidel Castro, and think about that man’s message was when he took over that little country and what he did with it. Note the the and his family have done just fine. Everyone else lives in squalor.