Dateline: Santa Fe

Final Sunday evening


Evening was just about to come on when the sun burst forth and blasted the side of the La Fonda Hotel with brilliant light.
The snow, the people, the sun, the buildings, all of it making things appear like there were a hundred or more years ago, only the electric stuff and cars reminding me of living in the current era.
It wasn’t better back in those days, it just sometimes appears that it was.

Merry Christmas.

Late Afternoon in Santa Fe

Preparing to end the day and fly tomorrow.

The moon in a slight slice of the late night sky.
Streetlight in strange green with the pines nearby all making it seem that Christmas Eve might be days away instead of weeks.
At home my third Advent tree being lit while I’m gone by robot timer and Harvey my cat impatiently waiting.
Goodbye Santa Fe.

Merry Christmas

Winter Evening Santa Fe

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