From the Wilderness

By James Strauss

The advanced societies and cultures of the earth have been studying and using the results of those studied in physics to make great technological advances in almost every area of modern life.  The author’s own education in the field of physics and particle theory, as well as quantum effects, is severely dated, when it comes to having hands on experience with direct experimentation of results in the areas listed in the title of this article, but by being an aging amateur now, there are certain advantages that fall to my situation.

One of those advantages is to be able to communicate physics-related information and potential effects in a manner that a reader, not formally schooled in either the history, study or application of the discipline, might be able to easily understand and quite possibly reflect upon and then investigate further to not only satisfy raised curiosity but to potentially better life in his or own zone of existence while still on this planet.  The first word of the title is Simultaneity. This word means that it is almost impossible to calculate that two things can happen at the very same instant in our universe. The arguments to support relative speeds of all objects in the universe is at the foundation for this mainstream claim.  Einstein’s special theory of relativity lays at the very foundation of this conclusion.  Superposition is the second word in the article’s title.  Superposition is the ability of a quantum system (in layman’s words; simple matter) to be in multiple states at the same time until it is measured. Finally, there’s the real problem of supposition, as well as proven phenomena, of Entanglement.  My humble and amateur thesis in writing this paper is not to prove anything.  It’s merely to assemble what’s known throughout the physics community and multiple disciplines and both make what’s happening nearly silently today simple to understand and also to make simple knowledge available to a small segment of the public that might read this newspaper.

Let’s take a mental look at entanglement.  Let’s say that two particles are created in such a way that the total spin of the system is zero. If the spin of one of the particles is measured on a certain axis and found to be counterclockwise, then it is guaranteed that a measurement of the spin of the other particle (along the same axis) will show the spin to be clockwise. This seems strange, because it appears that one of the entangled particles “feels” that a measurement is performed on the other entangled particle and “knows” what the outcome should be, but this is not the case. This happens, without any information exchange between the entangled particles. They could even be billions of miles away from each other and this entanglement would still be present.  This last part of what you just read is not only a repudiation of the first two suppositions, with respect to simultaneity and superposition.  Einstein was wrong. Stephen Hawking, another great physics of our time, was the first professional to openly publish that found fact.  He wrote,

“Einstein was confused, not the quantum theory.”

Think about what I wrote about entanglement, all of which is fully fact-checkable on the Internet, and then pay close attention to the last part.  What the experiments have proven is that if a particle (light, or whatever) is stimulated in just the right way, then a calved off part of that particle, sent on a spaceship to millions of miles away, or more, will react immediately and instantly and in the identically the same way as to the stimulation imparted to the portion of the particle left in earth’s laboratory.   The experiments to prove this effect has been conducted many times, although not at those huge distances.

What does this mean?  It means that the speed of light is misunderstood as it pertains to be the maximum speed of what is possible in movement across all of the universe.  The speed of light is now becoming only the maximum speed of photons of light, and not the speed of entropy of all things occurring in this universe.  If the speed of light was the true maximum, then there could be no possibility of two particles, halved and sent far apart, instantly communicating with one another. Relativity would seem to blame the observer for having a distorted understanding of viewing the event, but the weakness of that argument doesn’t even deserve going into in this paper.  This is all true, real, and happening now.

What does this mean to those of us living today.  It means that quantum computing, the invention of qubits is here.  There are even more powerful adiabatic qubits being installed in computers.  Qubits are currently being designed and made as the start of quantum computing begins.  A quantum computer will calculate data at about 186,000,000 times faster than a standard super computer today, if that gives you an idea of the power about to be unleashed.  This slowly developed invention, created because entanglement went from being theoretical to real, will change life as we know it, as artificial intelligence must replace, eventually, all the humans have valued and called work.

Humans will not ‘work’ some time in the future.  That work will be done by quantum machines, or machines made by them but operated by them.  Humans will become too valuable to work.  It’s going to be a different world and all of us are blessed to be living in a time when this transition is becoming full blown and real.  Finally, if indeed the speed of light is fully removed from being the most powerful limiting force in the universe, then humans are about to become truly free to do and be anything at all.

As the old Chinese proverb predicts, however; “be careful what you wish for, for you will certainly get it.”

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