By James Strauss


Just how accidentally dumb is the American public, and how deliberately dumb the mass media?  Well, try the biggest balloon story occupying national attention since the ‘Balloon Boy’ story created back in 2009.  There’s about as much truth to the current balloon hoax story as there was to that one, although people were sent to prison over it (unjustly, and thanks to video editing by none other than Wolf Blitzer).  What’s with the supposed Chinese balloon floating over the great state of Montana?  Well, that its Chinese for one thing.  Is there some sort of giant ‘Made in China’ sticker attached to it? Supposedly, it’s the size of three city busses, not that anyone has ever heard of hot air or otherwise gas-filled balloons being referred to as bus-sized.

The State of Montana is more than half the size of Texas and is the fourth largest state in the country.  Only Alaska, California and Texas are larger.  The state only has a million people, however.  That’s ten people for every square mile, if all spread out.  Again, stupidly, and supposedly, the balloon, now generally considered to be, of all things, a spy balloon launched by China (it would be assumed that China’s down-looking surveillance satellites are incapable of performing their duties), cannot be brought down because there might be danger to any people it might hit beneath it in its fall from the skies.  This is a hilarious story, mostly because people like David (no, I cannot move my positioned right hand with the permanent pen between fingers) Muir are so deadly serious in presenting it.  Where is the humor?  Why would any developed country launch a balloon 6358 miles (the distance from China to Montana) and have any hope that such an uncontrolled device would have one whit of a chance at flying over a pre-determined point so much later and at such a distance?  That feat alone would quality the Chinese for something in the record books, but not much in the real books of intelligence gathering.

Once again, the mass media is deliberately misleading the country as it chases after stories that make no sense at all while attempting to make believe that they have a lot of sense.  It will be found likely that there’s no little boy accidentally launched inside the balloon or attached to it.  Just like before, not that there are any allegations of any passengers aboard the thing…yet.

How is it that this nation has become trapped by relatively smart people encouraged to continue the dumbing down of an entire nation?  There is no real news at all coming out of investigations going on in pursuit of classified documents that cannot exist out of custody.  There is no truth to the entire Ukraine war, not as far as what caused it and what keeps it going.  There’s no truth to the entire Santos affair, wherein he lies about everything and the party that has to support him tells its own flotilla of lies to keep him from being forced to resign.  Given all of this non-newsworthy junk being blasted from television stations for months on end the question of ‘what’s going on,’ continues to resound.  Is this simply going to be the way it is from now on, or is there some sinister force (like the coming meeting of the billionaires in Davos, Switzerland in May) that’s brush-blocking the world from knowing anything about reality anymore?

Did Elon Musk, for example, who was on the path and track to build wonders of electric vehicles, charging stations, a real spaceship, and so much more ‘taken out’ by the powers that run the world?  He simply got stopped in his tracks and turned into a grade school moron. Was that a genetic problem emblematic of his genius or was that the world powers saying, ‘enough is enough,’ and that the populations of all countries controlled are not getting off this easily.  Natural gas is derided as polluting and harmful while the electric companies race to power all their plants with natural gas power.  Automatic driving is attacked all over the place, while incidents like what happened in Memphis, and are not that uncommon across the country, illustrate just how badly the driving public needs to get out of the eye of the police (not to mention the many other safety advantage to getting drivers from out behind the wheel of vehicles).

Is this little bitty newsreel the only place anyone can even find discussion of such seemingly so apparent subjects?